V. interesting article on Jungle. Their music has been ALLLLLLL OVER Spotify adverts and everything else. I’d even moaned a number of times at work about the marketing budget for this fucking band at work. 

Their music’s harmless enough and it’s a bit rough to judge people on what they said when they were 16/17 but still, they said some pretty idiotic shit.

Fucking rich people man, they’re the worst.

A private school, west London

Tom McFarland, 17

Father: sports journalist

Mother: vice principal of dance college

Parents’ quality of life rating: 10/10

"A lot of my friends’ parents have jobs they feel trapped in. Mine are doing what they want to be doing. There are times when I wish my parents were as rich as my friends’, but I respect them for doing what they love.

"My generation has had it more on a plate than theirs, and I think we lack ambition as a result. Before, you had to have real skills. Nowadays, you see people like Jodie Marsh getting rich."

Josh Lloyd-Watson, 16

Father: owns an advertising business

Mother: owns a PR business

Parents’ quality of life rating: 9/10

"My parents have done well. They’re not employed. ‘Employed’ is running like sheep following everyone else and being told what to do. I’d say I’ve got a harder life ahead of me than they had, because I’ve come from a public school. Everything is a competition: you’ve got to do better, you’ve got to be in the top per cent of the country. There’s always going to be someone better out there. Original ideas are harder to come up with, too, because most things have already been done. I don’t think it was as hard in that way for my parents.

"In 20 years I’ll be 36. I’ll probably have got myself a wife, but not kids yet. If everything pans out I’ll be touring the world and living a rock-star life. I want to be bloody famous and successful. I don’t want to care about anyone else. I’ll be backstabbing if I have to."

source: Guardian 15th July 2006

tumblr’s new buzzword to abuse and bend out of all recognition and make me hate: Aesthetic 

as in:

  • "I’m vybin off so many diff aesthetics rn"
  • "just tryin out this new aesthetic, wat yu think?”
  • "so many aesthetics so inspirational u kno?"

i nearly ripped my little toe off the tother day when I accidentally kicked a drawer handle. 

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